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Guaranteed Bee Removal Services

For the most part, bees throughout Florida are beneficial in pollinating the surrounding plants. Most bees are not aggressive and will not pursue you unless they feel their home is threatened.

Count on our professionals to remove any potentially hazardous bees in your home or commercial property. Call us today at 954-342-9744.

Informative Facts From Bee Removing Experts

Bees are often in classified in two groups; solitary bees and social bees. The social bees are complete with queen bee, workers, and soldiers. The solitary bees often keep to themselves, but can still be found with multiple bees in the vicinity. They care for their young, and once they are ready to reproduce they move on. 

Bees can generally sting once with exception of the Africanized bees which sting numerous times and then lose their stinger and quickly die afterwards. Many people have found an allergy to the venom, which can be mild to severe symptoms.

If bees attack it is important to run inside to the nearest structure. Do not attempt to jump into a body of water as they will often wait until you come up for air and attack then.

If you find you have excessive bees you prefer were not in close proximity to your home or business in South Florida, call Sunbuzz Pest Control & Environmental Services today for a FREE Estimate on our complete bee removal services. 

Bees Pestering Your Home and Commercial Area

  • Bumblebees
  • Honey bees
  • Carpenter bees
  • Africanized Honey bees
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